Seven Tears by Moonlight

Written by: Alison Farina
Show dates: 23rd November - 2nd December 2006

Seven Tears by Moonlight is based on the Celtic folk tales of the selkies, mythological creatures who are seals in the water by who can shed their skins and appear human on land.

Alison Farina wrote and made her directorial debut with this original piece after working with the actors for several months, improvising and developing the characters.

The result was a deeply emotional and moving story of a family and its secrets.

Seven Tears by Moonlight


The story

Seven Tears by Moonlight

A family with secrets is nothing new but the secrets we keep and the tales we tell are what make us who we are and, indeed, who we are not. Along the northern shores, we meet a family who are forced onto a journey of discovery that brings them slowly to the truth. Many have secrets they long to remain hidden and some are desperate for the truth. Within their close community, family is everything and for the patriarch, William, his family is his life. He and his two children, Ronan and Nuala, live on the shore from which William makes his living as a fisherman. His second wife, Annie works hard to keep the family together. As the children start to make their own way in life, the secrets start to work their way out and more questions than answers are found.

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