Out of Order

Written by: Ray Cooney
Show dates: Wednesday 4 - Saturday 7 July 2012

Core’s summer 2012 production at the Rondo was Ray Cooney’s ‘Out of Order’ – a rather bawdy farce directed by Anji Henderson.

Out of Order Poster - 'No hope' in the style of the Obama 'Hope' poster

When Conservative Junior Minister Richard Willey checks into the Westminster Hotel with the secretary of the opposition for a little ‘extra marital activity’, he’s not expecting to find a dead body stuck in the sash window.  He enlists the help of his much put-upon private secretary George to deal with the ‘problem’ and then the fun really starts.  Cue a wily waiter, suspicious hotel manager, well-meaning wife and furious husband to name but a few.

Winner of the Olivier award for comedy in 1991, Out of Order received rave reviews from our audience “I laughed so hard I almost disgraced myself”, ”honestly the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time” “great cast, great timing, so funny”, in fact the word of mouth advertising was so positive that we sold out our final night!

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