Of Dark and Bright

Written by: Alison Farina
Show dates: 19th - 22nd March 2008

A new play by Alison Farina, based on the banishment of Eleanor Cobham, Duchess of Gloucester.

The trial and banishment of Eleanor Cobham, for the crimes of treasonable necromancy and witchcraft. As wife to Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, brother to Henry V and Lord Protector of the infant King Henry VI).  Eleanor was the most powerful woman in Britain and it was only this that kept her from being executed with those accused alongside her.  Instead, after three days of public penance, she was banished to Peel Castle on the Isle of Man: which is where the story of ‘Of Dark & Bright’ begins.

‘Of Dark & Bright’ is a brand new play written by Bath based playwright Alison Farina, based on the true story of the banishment of Eleanor Cobham, a character not seen on the stage since Shakespeare’s Henry VI part II.  In a story of a love that crosses the boundaries of class and status, Eleanor finds that despite being imprisoned she can still find true freedom and love.

Of Dark and Bright

Alison wrote this wonderful play after working for 3 months with Bristol University trained director, Paulo Baigent and the cast, improvising using available historical fact and character profiles created by Alison. Armed with reams of notes from the improvisations, Alison retired temporarily to the Isle of Man (where she lived prior to moving to Bath four years ago) to write the script.

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