Murder Me Always

Written by: Lee Mueller
Show dates: 20th - 23rd June 2007

Murder Me Always was Core’s first attempt at a “who done it?”.  We wanted to do something fun for both the actors and the audience, and so happened across Lee Mueller’s play.

Murder Me Always

The play is a jolly romp of a farce (something Core does well) which gets the audience involved in the proceedings.

The play starts off so badly that the audience was left with a sense of “oh my god, what am I watching!” until the director is shot and they realise that this is a play within the play.  There was no let up for the audience in the interval either, while they got their drinks the police began to process members of the audience as suspects; finger printing, questioning and photographing them.  Then before the shows gripping finale the audience had a chance to grill the main suspects with some rather observant questions!

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