Dancing at Lughnasa

Written by: Brien Friel
Show dates: Wednesday 3rd to Saturday 6th July 2013

We performed Brian Friel’s beautifully evocative, multi-award-winning play at the Rondo Theatre in July 2013.

Set in the fictional Irish village of Ballybeg in 1936, it tells the story of five impoverished spinster sisters who live together with Michael, the seven year old son of the youngest sister Christine.  The play is narrated by the adult Michael, as he fondly remembers the events that unfolded as the summer drew to a close and the Lughnasa bonfires blazed in the hills: the family got their first wireless radio, his uncle returned to Ireland after 25 years in Africa as a Catholic missionary and he formed his first memories of his absent father, who visits twice.

Directed by Sarah Larmour, the play received warm praise from The Bath Chronicle “Irish plays with English actors can be a concern with accents slipping and sliding, but no worries with that here.  The excellent cast don’t miss a beat, while the set of a rural kitchen and the lane outside works well too.  Much appreciated by the full audience when I saw it, this multi-award winning play is well worth a visit…”




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