Creation of the World and Other Business

Written by: Arthur Miller
Show dates: 27th - 29thOctober 2005

One of Arthur Miller’s lesser known plays, Creation of the World and Other Business is a black comedy telling the story of Genesis.

Creation Poster

Moving through the story from God creating Eve for Adam and how they try to find their place and purpose in the world despite Lucifer’s meddling and Cain murdering his brother Abel, Creation tells the original story of good and evil.

The characters of god and Lucifer were each played by two actors, a man and woman (neatly bypassing the question of God’s gender).  God was beautifully played, at times nurturing and loving, and at others full of wrath.  Likewise, the performances of the cunning, charming and at times downright nasty Lucifer were mesmerising.  Adam’s naivety and innocence were perfectly captured while Eve shone.  The moment there Eve finds the body of the murdered Abel was breath-taking, moving more than a few of the audience to tears.


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