Wyrd Sisters

Written by: Terry Pratchett Show dates: 28th November – 1st December 2007

Murder Me Always

Written by: Lee Mueller Show dates: 20th – 23rd June 2007 Murder Me Always was Core’s first attempt at a “who done it?”.  We wanted to do something fun for both the actors and the audience, and so happened across Lee Mueller’s play. The play is a jolly romp of a farce (something Core does […]

Seven Tears by Moonlight

Written by: Alison Farina Show dates: 23rd November – 2nd December 2006 Seven Tears by Moonlight is based on the Celtic folk tales of the selkies, mythological creatures who are seals in the water by who can shed their skins and appear human on land. Alison Farina wrote and made her directorial debut with this […]


Written by: Aristophanes Show dates: 3rd – 6th May Lysistrata, the third and final play in Aristophanes’ War and Peace series, is set in the twenty-first year of the war and there seems as little prospect of peace as ever. The desperate state of things demands a desperate remedy, and the women of Athens, led […]

Creation of the World and Other Business

Written by: Arthur Miller Show dates: 27th – 29thOctober 2005 One of Arthur Miller’s lesser known plays, Creation of the World and Other Business is a black comedy telling the story of Genesis. Moving through the story from God creating Eve for Adam and how they try to find their place and purpose in the […]

Remotely Entertaining

Written by: The Cast Show dates: Remotely Entertaining was the first proper Core Theatre production.  It was written and devised by the cast themselves and performed to an invited audience by way of an introduction to Core. Remotely Entertaining was a comedy sketch show based on the ridiculous programming that is daytime TV.  It had […]