We are looking into restarting our monthly workshops, so if there is something that you would like to explore in a workshop setting then get in touch, otherwise keep a look out on our website, facebook and twitter for what we’ve got coming up!

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New website launched

It’s been a while in the making, but here is out new website.  We hope that it will make it easier to keep you informed about what we are up-to.

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Devil’s Night

Written by: Various local writers
Show dates: Sunday 30th October 2011
Devil's Night, a night of ghost stories and strange tales

Devil's Night


Devils Night was our first story telling event.

Held at Molloys in Bath, on the night before Halloween 2011, our group of storytellers entertained guests with eight original spooky stories which were submitted to us after we put out notices about what we were planning to do.

It was great fun for the storytellers and the feedback from the audience was constructive and positive – so much so, that we’re already planning our next one…watch this space!



Devils Night poster Download


Written by: Alistair McGowen
Show dates: 29th June - 2nd July 2011

Core were delighted to be the first company to perform Timing in the Bath and Bristol area. This fast paced comedy from the pen of comedic talent Alistair McGowan takes a long hard look at the relationships we build throughout our lives, and the way in which our day to day life can affect those relationships.



When Julian Mann goes to work one morning, the last person he expects to find alongside him is his ex ‐girlfriend Amanda. After their relationship ended some years ago Amanda and Julian are suddenly thrust back together. Their careers collide when they record the voice‐overs for an advertising campaign. Julian has begun to realize there may be more to life than the ruthlessness of their business. Looking back at decisions he made he wonders what might have been had he done things differently. Hidden under the tension of recording a commercial lie personal tensions which soon come to the surface, resulting in soul‐searching, head‐scratching, lip‐smacking, time‐killing, muck‐raking, hard‐hitting and rib‐tickling drama.

“A superb performance by all” – Venue Magazine

“Local theatre groups such as the Core Theatre group and the talented actors and actresses who make up the company should be applauded for bringing a play to the South West that might not have made it otherwise.” – Guide2Bath

Murder Me Always

Written by: Lee Mueller
Show dates: 20th - 23rd June 2007

Murder Me Always was Core’s first attempt at a “who done it?”.  We wanted to do something fun for both the actors and the audience, and so happened across Lee Mueller’s play.

Murder Me Always

The play is a jolly romp of a farce (something Core does well) which gets the audience involved in the proceedings.

The play starts off so badly that the audience was left with a sense of “oh my god, what am I watching!” until the director is shot and they realise that this is a play within the play.  There was no let up for the audience in the interval either, while they got their drinks the police began to process members of the audience as suspects; finger printing, questioning and photographing them.  Then before the shows gripping finale the audience had a chance to grill the main suspects with some rather observant questions!


Written by: Aristophanes
Show dates: 3rd - 6th May

Lysistrata, the third and final play in Aristophanes’ War and Peace series, is set in the twenty-first year of the war and there seems as little prospect of peace as ever. The desperate state of things demands a desperate remedy, and the women of Athens, led by Lysistrata, take matters into their own hands to force the men to stop the war – by enforcing celibacy upon the men of Greece!


Creation of the World and Other Business

Written by: Arthur Miller
Show dates: 27th - 29thOctober 2005

One of Arthur Miller’s lesser known plays, Creation of the World and Other Business is a black comedy telling the story of Genesis.

Creation Poster

Moving through the story from God creating Eve for Adam and how they try to find their place and purpose in the world despite Lucifer’s meddling and Cain murdering his brother Abel, Creation tells the original story of good and evil.

The characters of god and Lucifer were each played by two actors, a man and woman (neatly bypassing the question of God’s gender).  God was beautifully played, at times nurturing and loving, and at others full of wrath.  Likewise, the performances of the cunning, charming and at times downright nasty Lucifer were mesmerising.  Adam’s naivety and innocence were perfectly captured while Eve shone.  The moment there Eve finds the body of the murdered Abel was breath-taking, moving more than a few of the audience to tears.


Remotely Entertaining

Written by: The Cast
Show dates:

Remotely Entertaining was the first proper Core Theatre production.  It was written and devised by the cast themselves and performed to an invited audience by way of an introduction to Core.

Remotely Entertaining was a comedy sketch show based on the ridiculous programming that is daytime TV.  It had everything from home improvement shows, chat shows, gardening programs, to a soap.  A show aimed squarely at the over 18’s due to the fact it was intended to be touring pubs and clubs in and around Bath, it has been performed only the once to date, but we do hope to dust it of off and tour it some time in the future.